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Sand Art Gallery

Our mission is to showcase Sand Sculpting in the best format possible. Sixteen years as a Sand sculptor and 2 time Australian Champion, i learnt that this art form deserves to be displayed in its highest esteem. 

Sand Art Gallery was born for this reason, to allow the Australian Public to experience Sand Sculptures in a Gallery setting. To experience true sculptures created by the worlds very best that also represent our love for this Art.

When we see our audience moved, touched and deeply engaged. Then we know we have done our very best to truly represent Sand Sculpting.

Our Unique State of the Art Dome Marquees help create a Gallery Ambience for our Events. We are Australia's First Undercover Sand Sculpting Event and the first company to be able to display an event all year round. Our Dome Marquees provide our Audience the ultimate viewing experience  

Leo and Rosie

We are extremely blessed to be able to represent our love for each other that is truly reflected in our passion and admiration for Sand Sculpting. 

We want each sculpture to represent how passionate we are in this art. 

Our business is not to about claiming we are the best. Our many reviews shows that our business is giving our audience and clients its vey best.

"I have been to many outdoor events in my career and have never been impressed. I can finally say that I have been impressed by this exhibition"

             Member of Events at

                        Ballarat Council